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We'll send you out a cleat for free anywhere in Australia. We know with such a new product it's better to have one in your hand to see what it's about. Limited time, one per person/company/address.

Grate Cleat anti slip Cleat has applications in many areas of industry. Grate Cleat can be used for non slip bullnosing on stairs or where anti slip plates are used but now product, light and wind can flow through as intended. Make a serrated grating simply by clipping in to areas that need increased traction. A non slip attachment for many brands of metal grating.

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Grate Cleat anti slip cleats are easy to install clipping in place in seconds. No tools, no bolts, no welders, no metal parts to rust or wear off the galvanising. The cleats fit all grating bar depths in the 5mm and imperial 3/16" range by 25mm (1"), 32mm (1-1/4"),40mm (1-1/2"), 50mm (2") deep. Because of the patent pending clip-in design they don't protrude deeper than the minimum 25mm support bar so never interfere with the supporting structure below. This allows them to be placed uniformly over the grating on slippery or worn areas. The unique clip-in method also allows the cleat to fit a wide range of grate manufacturers and tolerances.







100mm - 4"  Twist bar Centres

50mm - 2"  Twist bar Centres



  • The double row surface pattern easily grips into safety footwear yet won't easily clog up.

  • The end clips facilitate locking in place on various sizes and brands of grating.

  • The end clips reduce sideways movement making stepping on them feel safer. 

  • Using this patent pending clip-in method the cleat can fit all load bar sizes in the 5mm - 3/16" thick range the most commonly used personnel walkway size.

  • This clip-in method will not interfere with structural steel below the grating allowing it to be placed uniformly across areas that need improved slip resistance .

  • The Cleats centre slot and clips make it universal.

  • Made from an extremely strong flame retardant (UL94-V0 rated) UV stabilised polymer.

  • Resistant to a large range of acids and alkalines and having good wear resistance.

Grate Cleat anti slip, non slip tread on 50mm/2" metal grating


For working out amounts per square metre.

The images below represent grating that is 1m x 1m x 1m (1.09 x 1.09 x 1.09 yd)

The patterns are a guide only. You need to decide what is best for your situation.

1m x1m full offset pattern
126 Cleats/sqm
Full pattern configuration
approx $315 - $290
1m x 1m 2 wide offset pattern
28 Cleats/sqm
approx $70 - $64
1m X 1m 2 Wide parallel Strip  (30).JPG
30 Cleats/sqm
approx $75 - $69
1m x 1m 5 wide offset pattern
70 Cleats/sqm
approx $175 - $161
1m X 1m 4 Wide parallel Strip  (60).JPG
60 Cleats/sqm
approx $150 - $138
1m X 1m  parallel  Strip longways (126).
126 Cleats/sqm
approx $315 - $290
1m x1m 3 wide offset pattern
42 Cleats/sqm
approx $105 - $96
1m X 1m 3 Wide parallel Strip  (45).JPG
45 Cleats/sqm
approx $112 - $103
1m X 1m 2 - 3  Strip & edge (60).JPG
60 Cleats/sqm
approx $150 - $138



  • This is the only nylon Cleat that fits 25mm(1") and 32mm(1-1/4") bar depths including 50mm(2") and 100mm(4') twist bar centres with one device.

  • Makes ordering/stocking easy with only one Cleat type/size required.

  • Installation is in seconds with no tools required.

  • No fasteners required.

  • No hot work permits required.

  • Reduced maintenance costs.

  • Made from Nylon polymer that won't rust, rattle or have the colour flake off.

  • Safety yellow makes them highly visible on the areas personnel need to take care.

  • Light weight for easy transport and storage for maintenance personnel.

  • Flame retardant rating.  UL94-V0

  • UV stabilised colour.

  • Resistant to Petrol, Diesel and Oil, and many acids and alkalines.

  • Electrically Insulated.

  • Working temperate range of    -30° C  to +80° C

  • International Patent Pending.

Diagrams of the grating specifications

100mm - 4" Metal Grating dimensions
50mm - 2" metal grating with Dimensions.jpg



25 X 5mm load bars with 100mm twist bar centres.

25 x 5mm load bars with   50mm twist bar centres.

32 x 5mm load bars with 100mm twist bar centres.

32 x 5mm load bars with   50mm twist bar centres.



1  x   3/16"          load bars with 4" twist bar centres.

1  x   3/16"          load bars with 2" twist bar centres.

1-1/4  x  3/16"  load bars with 4" twist bar centres.

1-1/4  x  3/16"  load bars with 2" twist bar centres.

Grate Cleats one size

fits this whole range of grating sizes.

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Grate Cleat anti slip, non slip tread on 100mm - 4" metal grating.

50 Cleats    $125 ($2.50 ea)

plus freight

100 Cleats    $250 ($2.50 ea)

plus freight

250 Cleats    $600 ($2.40 ea)

plus freight

500 Cleats    $1200($2.40 ea)

1000 Cleats    $2295($2.30 ea)

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